Web & Mobile Development

Development is about creation. Application development has many faces (an idea, a breakthrough, or the solution to a business need in action), but it always requires inspiration. We are inspired by developing and building new things, because this connects us to end users in new and powerful ways.


Web Application

Modern web applications require many things, including a fluent layout, responsive design, usability, reliability, performance, scalability, testability, and a higher level of security. Moreover, users today need these working solutions and expect a seamless user experience. Quality web development involves writing code for application servers and applying sound knowledge of the container where the code is deployed. If the application runs in a browser, we can help. Our offering includes development as well as testing and deployment.


Mobile Application

Mobile development is the process of building an application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device. Each mobile platform has a unique set of rules, making mobile development more complex than building a single application and sharing it on various platforms. In Time Tec has extensive experience building mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. Our work ensures that your application is consistent from one experience to another, that your data maintains a high level of integrity, and that your users have a uniform experience across multiple platforms. Engineering talent at In Time Tec has extensive experience in the area of mobile app development for Native and Hybrid environments, working under a structured development process.


Recent Projects


In Time Tec automated a complete workflow of customer processes. Existing processes were manual and altogether too time consuming and wasteful. By automating manual processes, In Time Tec helped the customer streamline workflows, centralize data, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Secure Printing
Central Administration Software

We created and maintained new features on central administrative console for secure printing software. This administrative portal is used for installation, configuration, and maintenance of networked printing devices licensing. One administrative console manages the organization’s global fleet.


We created a portal where articles can be customized with accessories using exportable configuration. These exported configuration documents will be consumed by another software at the client end.

Application Platform

We developed a customized web application, for one of the largest airplane parts suppliers, that helps manage aircraft parts and retain chain management.

Network Carrier
Analysis and Reporting Tool

A survey tool, developed in Python, examines a particular location to determine the best available carrier in the area, inserting the data in the routers attached to the Survey Kit. This data is used to determine the best network in the area. Detailed reporting of the survey data is available through a responsive web portal.


A multi-tenant web-based product developed to help the In Time Tec HR team in managing the recruitment process from start to finish. This software provides HR with a repository of resumes and helps manage profile screening, interview scheduling, and evaluation.

Product Listing
and Web Portal

A globally accessible web portal providing product listing and recipes localized in multiple languages across six different domains. Deployment was done on IIS and was automated.

and Notification Application

In Time Tec helped develop a communication and messaging mobile application, which helps employees to receive push notifications and alerts from the organization based on their location and other criteria. The application involved utilizing device hardware features like GPS, Camera, and libraries for Push Notifications, and was developed for both iOS and Android.

Event Schedule

In Time Tec joined in developing another application specifically for attendee planning and interest data. Attendees could choose from multiple tracks providing different seminar and class options. Their selection would present them with a schedule and track specific information. The organizers also benefited by obtaining anonymous data, about which tracks or seminars were popular. The application was developed for both Android and iOS.

Alert Application

In Time Tec developed an application for receiving emergency alerts from the public safety agencies concerning severe weather and community safety warnings. This free application allows its users to add their location(s) and set preferences to receive alerts concerning them. It also has a feature to track the user’s location and send an emergency rescue notification. This application utilizes maps to show areas of impact with different markers, with the ability for the user to tap and check each notification.