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A Key to Creating the Future: The Leader, Followers, and Their Relationship

Jeet Kumar

Everyday when I wake up, I ask myself three questions: Is something bothering me? Am I incomplete about anything? Am I being someone who can show up as a leader today? Some people pray, some people meditate, some people go straight for the coffee, I reflect on my being state. This ritual allows me to become very present to what is missing that could get in the way of me showing up as the leader I am committed to being. 

What We Are Reading- Learning Groups Edition

In Time Tec

Every month we share content that we are reading. This month, we dive into what our learning groups are reading.

Harry S. Truman said it best, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” 

Independent learning is something that we do not take lightly here at In Time Tec. Reading is a simple way for our employees to expand their knowledge, build their expertise, and contribute to their growth while becoming leaders. 

How to Achieve Extraordinary Results While Enjoying Life

Jeet Kumar

There is a distinction between commitment and attachment. One focuses on the process, the other focuses on the results. One can leave you peaceful and constantly improving and the other can leave you disappointed, frustrated, or generally unhappy.