DevOps and Test Automation

A working system of checks and balances is necessary for many things; for DevOps, checks and balances make it possible to apply new code to a framework that delivers against new business requirements. Partner with us to create checks and balances in your system that will allow you to seamlessly deploy tested code and offer an improved experience for the end customer.


Test Automation

As a software’s complexity grows, so does the testing required to validate the software. The addition of any new features requires extra test time and resources. By automating these tests, we free up testers to focus more on exploratory tests. This only works, however, if there is a suitable Automated Test Framework in place that will help provide maximum ROI. In Time Tec has extensive experience in setting up Test Automation Frameworks in accordance with customer needs. We can expand on existing frameworks to accommodate the latest technologies and tools with minimal rework and impact.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides more than 70 on-demand cloud computing platforms and services, including Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). EC2 is a form of Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) where instances are created based on requirements defined in terms of OS, RAM, VCPU’s, and Disk Space. S3 provides scalable object storage that is accessible from a Web Service Interface, which can be used for backup/archiving, file storage and hosting, static website hosting, application data hosting, and more. In Time Tec can help you define your potential and realize your capabilities using the extensive services offered by AWS.



Microsoft Azure is an on-demand, cloud computing platform with a host of services offerings. Users can create virtual machines with specific configurations and operating systems, manage an infrastructure through networks and security rules, or manage on-premises resources with the Azure virtual network. Azure offers the simplicity of web hosting without the worry of networks, firewalls, storage, etc. Using Azure, we can simplify any existing processes you might have in place, and create extensive virtual networks to refine and streamline your work.


Behavior Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a software development methodology where an application is conceptualized and designed by describing how the application should look and feel to an outsider, such as a user or stakeholder. BDD is oriented around describing the application functionality in terms of features and scenarios, and the tests are written in a plain, descriptive English format known as Gherkin. The Gherkin statements, when executed, call their respective test step definitions written in Java, C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, or JavaScript. BDD provides readability and clarity to everyone in the development process. In Time Tec has in-depth implementation experience in BDD-style Test Automation.


DB Management

Database management and maintenance includes the administration, monitoring, and maintenance of database groups in an enterprise. In addition to monitoring the database server for potential problems, In Time Tec can perform routine maintenance tasks (on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis) to keep the server running smoothly. We can reorganize your data and index pages, compress data files by removing wasted, empty pages, or update index statistics to ensure better access to your data. If you need a higher standard of maintenance and order with your database entries, our engineers can help.


Recent Projects

Delivery of Weather
and Disaster Alerts

In Time Tec helped automate an environment creation to be used for development, test, or production purposes. Prior to our engagement, the entire process was ad hoc and lacked consistency. The customer faced challenges and delays in getting continuous feedback. Our team set up a CI/CD pipeline to enable continuous integration and deployment to test/dev/staging production stachs and automated the entire development workflow.

Identical Environments

We helped a digital marketing company by creating multiple, identical environments rapidly. We ensured the environments created were consistent in order to assist the development workflow. By automating the creation of test/dev/staging production environments we reduced costs, delivery times, defect cycle time and increased the ability to reproduce and fix defects.

Increased Virtualized
Environments Utilization

Our team helped a leading imaging and printing company increase virtualized environments utilization. By automating the test/dev/staging production stacks in an AWS environment we increased quality and ensured consistency in the deployment process. As a result, we reduced the cost and time to release, enabled the ability to perform quick rollbacks, and minimized deployment related downtime.

Lowering Manual Test Effort
and Test Failure Triage Time

In Time Tec developed a SpecFlow Behavior Driven Development test framework to plug automated tests into the existing TFS development pipeline. We developed detailed reporting logs to identify the cause of failures with zero triage time. Previously, the client needed one day for manual system tests, three days of triage time for a failure, and one day of idle time for developers. After our contribution, automated tests take one hour, with zero triage time and zero developer idle time.

Implementing Industry-Standard
QA Processes and Test Practices

We evaluated , identified, and implemented Test Management Tools for an enterprise product with a defined timeline. In identifying and utilizing a test case tool for recording manual test steps, we significantly reduced test authoring time. All test cases now have a Behavior Driven Development style description, and automated basic regression cases have a reduced manual test time. Our Jmeter based performance scripts identify major performance issues early in the schedule. We successfully authored 704 test cases in 15 weeks, and the client has gone from having zero functional performances test or automation processes to now having a well-defined workflow for test creation, execution, and reporting.