Software Platforms

Solutions: Many companies have a central platform they run, rely on, and need development work for. Our teams are certified on many well-known platforms (such as Liferay, Salesforce, and Unity). Partner with us to strengthen, supplement, or start development on your software platform to ensure it’s exactly what you, and your customers, need.


Liferay Silver Partners

Enterprise workflow solutions continue to grow more complicated and time consuming for us all. Liferay DXP, then, aims to unify customer experiences, transform business operations, and evolve digital strategies by building a highly cohesive, java-based portal and reusable portlet solution. Liferay is gaining momentum in the marketplace; they’ve moved into the gartner quadrant in 2017 and have been praised by customers for their flexibility and ambitions to become the single hub for digital experience development. In Time Tec, recognizing this growth, has joined Liferay as a silver partner. We look forward to helping companies adopt and build their Liferay portals to embrace a modern, custom user experience.



Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM, providing a customizable, scalable, cloud-based solution to reach customers effectively and streamline internal business processes. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, an increasing number of companies adopt and integrate Salesforce in their environments; as these numbers increase, so too will development, administration, and consultation needs in general. We have a strong, scaleable Salesforce development team that can meet your needs. Whether you need one developer or fifteen, our team is equipped with the certifications that will help our partners accomplish their Salesforce deliverables.


AR/VR Unity Certification

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have already begun to change the makeup of the modern technological landscape in many different industries - entertainment, marketing, manufacturing, medical training, and more. At In Time Tec, we’ve always been enthusiastic about the potential of this new technology, which is why we have acquired Unity developer certification. Unity is a cross-platform 3D game engine that offers a powerful development environment with a simple interface and provides support for Virtual Reality applications. We can help our partners build AR/VR experiences that are tailored for their industry-specific requirements on different devices like Samsung Gear VR and Microsoft Hololens.


Recent Projects

Salesforce Communities

In Time Tec worked to provide a Salesforce Customer Community Cloud to the company’s customers, partners, and employees. The custom implementation reduced total cost of the client’s Salesforce license since a Partner Community Cloud license was no longer necessary. The UI for the portal was designed to match the company’s eCommerce platform site. We integrated with third party applications and wrote test cases for Salesforce communities, using Selenium with Java and API, as well as business implementation for UI functionality.

Complex Requirements

Our team automated business requirements to sync multiple system needs together to provide a seamless experience by automating warranty, discount, and return processes to integrate with Hybris through third party APIs. Communication between multiple systems allowed customer service agents to get live data that provided eligible options to their customers. After this implementation went live, customer service efficiency and satisfaction greatly improved.