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A conversation about life and how to be a powerful presence in your own life. Hosted by In Time Tec's CEO Jeet Kumar and marketing specialist Tasha Wise.

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Discover Yourself as a Leader: Doing What Needs to be Done 2020-02-03

In this episode, In Time Tec Founders Jeet and Dan explore the difference between working hard and doing hard work and how both show up in different phases of leadership. Check out the related article, “Discover Yourself as a Leader: Doing What Needs to be Done” on our blog and the YouTube video of the hosts recording the podcast.

Episode 7: Why Listening and Learning is Key to Effective Leadership 2019-12-03

In this epsiode, we engage in a conversation about the significance of listening and learning before you lead. We also talk about the different ways to ask a question and how your leadership contribution will create a better future. Be sure to check out the related article here, and the YouTube video of the host recording the podcast.

Episode 6: How to Show Up Powerfully as a Leader and for your Leaders 2019-11-06

In this episode, we invite a group of employees to engage in a conversation about what it looks like to live leadership, both as a leader and as a follower. The relationship between leaders and followers requires work on boths sides. We discuss what that work is and how to show up powerfully. Be sure to check out the related article here.

Episode 5: How Landmark Forum Helped Us Become One Team 2019-10-10

In this episode, Jeet, Adam, and Annalisa discuss the impact that the Landmark Forum has had on the culture of In Time Tec and in their personal lives. The Landmark Forum offers a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs- achievements that are extraordinary, outside of what’s predictable. Check out the Youtube video of the hosts recording the podcast.

Also be sure to check out this related article written by Luis Moro, “The Truth about Landmark Education. Why I Share the Landmark Forum”.

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